I hold lectures about my expeditions, voyages, about medicine and mountainiering.



Kilimandscharo- Serengeti – Mt. Kenya        

Climbing up Kilimandscharo - look at the animals of Lake Manara - Serengetti and

Ngorogoro crater and then climb up Mt. Kenya


The highest Mountains of America            

Mt. McKinley – Ecuador – Cotopaxi – Chimborazzo – Aconcagua

From th north of Alaska to Ecuador and Chile.




The first attempt to climb Everest from the north side.

You will see the life in Nepal and Tibet, the life in base camp and the death

on the mountain



With the stone age people to Carstenzs pyramid 

You will see the lie of the Danis, the beautiful landscape and the climbing of the highest

mountain of Ozeania.       





First Austrian ascent on the highest mountain of Antarctica.




Angry Gods

1996 there were bad weather, many deaths, avalanges..

You will see th Khumbu region and the climb up the Khumbu icefall



With skies and sledges the first Austrian Northpole expedition, I became the first

woman, who reached the Northpole with skies.



With theCrocodile Trophy through Australia

The hardest mountainbike race in the world attend Dagmar as race doctor.

You will see the outback of Australia and the hard work of the bikers.




 First Austrian Greenland Crossing with skies and dog sledges.

650 km on ice, coldness, storm and white out.

You will also learn about the life of Inuits.





Mt. Kinabalu – jungle - caves - head hunters

Beautiful flowers, hot springs, animal, th climbing of Mt. kinabalu and the life of the

head hunters you will see.



Alpamayo und Huascaran

South America wirh all the colours, the markets, the climbing of Alpamayo,

the most beautiful mmountain in the world you will see.





Mythical Lavanttal

See pictures from the Paradise of Caranthia and learn about the myths of this valley.



Mythical Water

Learn about the myths of water in Caranthia.

You will see pictures of the highest mountain the Grossglocker, the beautiful lakes,

and the holy springs in this country.



  Atacamawüste - Ojos de Salado - Pan de Azuca NP

Santiago de Chile - Copiapo - Valle Chico - Laguna Santa Rosa

climbing Cerro Maricunga 4700m - Laguna Negro San Fransico, gold mines - guanakos,

flamingos - Laguna Verde with hot springs - Ojos de Salado - 6893m,

the Pan de Azucar NP on the sea


Also lectures about mountaineering all over the world,Wadi Rum, Yosemite, Elbrus,Venezuela, Greenland,

You will see beautiful pictures, hear interesting stories.

Elbrus        Baffin island     El Capitan    Gunnbjornfjeld Yoshua Tree