Groenland - Gunnbjorns Fjeld 3700m,







 Gunnbjorns Fjeld

is the highest peak of the Arktis, 3700m, an other name is Hvitserk, what means white blanket

 The mountain was seen first in 1930 by Gino Watkins,  1935 summited first Wager and Courtald. There were only two more ascents till 1988 . After 1988 it was possible to fly to the base camp.


 The mountain is situated in the Watkins mountains in eastern Greenland..

 You fly with a Twin Otter from Isafjordur - Iceland to the base camp.


Watkins mountains                                Chris Boggon, Dagmar, Robin Beadle-                                                                  leader, Gary Aston, Brian Dodd


 22.5.2005: First Asent Bill 2793 m, Ben 2788 m

 The ascent leads through 50 ice to the left summit and then to the mountain in the middle peak.


After a rest day we went to Gunnbjorns Fjeld.


 First you have to go with skies to the col, then with crampons to the right, a 45 ice flank and over a ridge to the summit

 24.5.2005  First Austrian woman on the summit.

 1998 climbed first Peter Herzog and  Erwin Reinthaler from Austria this mountain.





26.5. First Ascent Manta Peak 3300 m by Robin , Brian, Gary, Dagmar

 First you have to go with skies through the ice flank to the left, then turn right to the beginning auf the steep summit . There you have to climb a 50 steep ice flank.


 The Dome 3682 m was climbed only by Robin and Gary. Brian and I had to turn back because of horrible weather conditions. In white out conditions we could find back to the tents only with the help of a GPS.





  Then we changed our base camp. After 8,5 houres walk with heavy sledges we built up our tents on a high plateau.






 3.6.2005 First Ascent - Wolfsberg Spitz 2466 m

 First you have to walk with skies to the beginning of the steep flank, afterwards to climb with crampons through 45 ice.


 We also climbed Punta Margaritha 2867 m,

Punta Barbara 2868 m, Ice Cap 2340 m.

Punta  Barbara    bad weather

 We hade to go back to our first base camp. where we picked up by an airoplane.


 After the first winter attempt in 2004, this year we were lucky and could climb first 8 mountains and I was the first Austrian woman on Gunnbjorns Fjeld.